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Acharya shree was born in the holy city kashi(Varanasi ) of (Uttar Pradesh).Acharya Arun Sharma, a multi-talented personality, is a philosopher who is a sublimation of theoretical and practical knowledge of the Different disciples of yogic & spiritual fields. Having trust in all round development of humanity, this uncommon personality has brought into his practice his knowledge, karma & Bhakti yoga’s thereby putting an ideal for this world in the light of which common man absorbed in worldly acts can find straight and easy way to achieve their goal.

Along with his experience of astrology he has done many researches and development for the purpose of human welfare in the field of astrology Vastu and tantra mantra yantra.

He has developed many astrological combination to achieve the goals which is called astro therapy. every thing in this universe is governed by some hidden energy .it can be stated as kinetic or potential energy which surrounds us.

He, himself has come across the sweet & sour experiences of people in his life. He has felt the pain of each category of society whether a labourer or a rich one. He has a clear picture of all sorts of situation experience by a household or a disgusted person.

He has achieved precious gems by drowning down into the realization. Jyotish (Astrology), Vastu, Tantra-Mantra, Yoga,Maditation & Siddhi Sadhana.
It is not an easy job for the masses to evaluate the heights you have reached in Yoga & Tantra realization.

Science of rituals not only Tantra-Matra-Yantra modes, your lectures & written literature on Ayurvedic, knowledge and on different subjects of physical fields, is enlightening every country and direction. You wish to see happy to every human being by sharing your experiences & thoughts to reach to them, with a view to the welfare of all. Your doors are open to all without any partiality He left for the quest of gaining the grace of the almighty at the age of seven.